Other Services

We specialize in Ikea kitchens, but we do so much more.

Often redoing your kitchen entails structural work, or adding a room, or knocking out a pass-through, or redoing floors throughout the house, painting, landscaping. We do all that, because we are trained and licensed to do that. We work with architects and engineers.

And it’s not just IKEA. Boy, is it not just IKEA. Have a look:

Corona HeightsBack Camera Back Camera Back Camera
Our tilework is the best.

We work with all cabinet brands, like CrownPoint, KraftMaid, Martha Stewart, Diamond, Woodmode. All of them. We tend to recommend IKEA because it’s green, very inexpensive, and has a 25 year warranty. We can trick out IKEA to look like anything, because we make custom finishes, wood panels, doors, cabinet fronts. The metal hardware of the IKEA cabinet system is the best in the business, made by Blum, a German company known the world over. It saves forests and everything.

So yeah. You can spend $80,000 on cabinets, we can do that. Or spend $10,000 or less on IKEA. We are sure you’d find something to spend the $70,000+ savings on. Want to upgrade appliances? Getting a Wolf or SubZero instead of a Whirlpool? Live the life.

Get the picture? Yes, we see.


Call us at 415.730.9215.

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