3 Build


We arrive when we say we will arrive.  The thing people like best about us (besides a rockin’ kitchen) is that the project lasts and costs exactly how much we say it will lasts cost. Only a change in direction from you will stay our couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Besides. We are fun to have around, and extremely respectful. We leave your place everyday as clean and calm as possible.

We never surprise you with mistakes we made, or things we pretended to overlook so we can hit you for extra later. We seldom make mistake or overlook anything, and if we do, we don’t make you suffer or pay. We do.

Obviously, if you change your mind about stuff, rearrange everything, change paint colors or decide to put in a skylight, we are super great and prompt with change orders. Often the best ideas come when you see the joint up and running. Of course we can work with new direction, but that’s the only time the price will change. (Upgrade from a Whirlpool to a Subzero with additional plumbing? Sure! No Problem! Or add an island with granite or a skylight? Pour me a beer fellas, we’re stayin late!)

But hit you with extra charges for exact thing you wanted in the first place? We just won’t work that way, because it’s not right.

Good design and accurate planning is what we’re known for, and good design and accurate planning prevents surprises and cost over-runs.

We are owned and operated by trained designers who are also licensed contractors and craftspeople, so we are flexible and available throughout the project to solve problems, craft solutions, and keep it beautiful.

Call us at 415.730.9215

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