Uhm… The other guys

Uhm. The other guys.

Who is our competition, really? Low-ballers.

Please beware a low-ball quote. Nine times out of ten, contractors bid low to get a job, then make their money on cost over-runs and up-charging you. This is standard operating procedure. Cause they know they’ll have you where they want you once the job starts, and it’s almost impossible to change horses in mid-stream, so you don’t. You end up very sad. And in debt. And more often than not, you never see them again.

Do they have a license? Do they have insurance for that water pipe they just broke? Sigh. So much for that killer deal from the handyman your mother in law heard about.

This doesn’t happen with us.

Call us at 415.730.9215. A design and inspection costs nothing, unless you hire us. After an hour or so with us, baby, you won’t want to hire anyone else. 415.730.9215

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